Urban Hero

Urban Hero is dedicated to the many unsung heroes and mentors in my life.  I am eternally grateful for their steadfast loyalty and support over many years; for their time they have invested in me; and for instilling strong values.  They rarely receive rewards or the recognition that they deserve, but nor do they seek these things.  Instead, they tend to live their lives with quiet dignity and humility, but with a strong guiding hand. They include my girlfriend, Lisa; my Dad and Granda; bagpipe tutors; school teachers; Boys’ Brigade officers; soldiers and policemen; many of whom are mentioned in Urban Hero.  They are the salt of the earth, and are the people that I love and admire the most.  I know that I shall never be able to repay them, but Urban Hero is dedicated to them, with my sincere thanks.

Thanks go to Lisa and my Dad, for their unerring support and encouragement; the brilliant featured musicians, composers and arrangers; Shepherd Bagpipes; Manfred Deger; Jim Kilpatrick and Steven McWhirter; Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios; The National Piping Centre and staff; Helen Wilkinson and Gus Sicard; Lorne MacDougall at PlanetPipe; Lee Moore of Pipedown; Lita at St Mary Woolnoth Church; Yvonne Oliver and the Trustees of the Imperial War Museum, London; Greg Bell at Tribal Manufacturing Ltd; Scott Hamill at Monosapien; and Ruth McFarlane at Exactaprint.

In Memory
In memory of my beloved Granda, the late George S. Ritchie, a gentleman and hero to his family and community: you are sorely missed.